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Potato Protein

Potato Protein

Potato protein 4.8.10  feed material is a product of thermal and acidic coagulation of cell fluids obtained from potatoes.

It is easily digestible and has a high crude protein content.

It is a high-value ingredient of farm animal feed.

SMELL typical, without off-smells
COLOUR grey (yellow-greenish shade)
APPEARANCE, TEXTURE fine, loose powder
HUMIDITY not more than 11% (m/m)
CRUDE PROTEIN CONTENT not less than 80% (dry mass)
PACKAGING - multi-layer valve paper bags, 25 kg or other, as contractually agreed.
STORAGE CONDITIONS Dry, clean and ventilated rooms, without off-smells.
MINIMUM STORAGE PERIOD Potato Protein stored in original packaging, in conditions compliant with the specifications, retains its properties for a minimum period of 18 months.
TRANSPORT REQUIREMENTS To be transported by clean and dry means of transport, with packaging protection against damage and soaking. The product is not classified as hazardous and is not covered by ADR regulations.
GMO STATEMENT The product is not genetically modified and was manufactured using GMO-free raw materials.