Quality Policy

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Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
- the Company's business, and in particular production and quality control, must comply with the latest procedures in force in the EU,
- every employee is responsible for the quality of final products within the scope of his or her duties,
- suppliers must be chosen in such a way so as to ensure that the supplied raw materials are of predetermined and stable parameters,
- an effective supervision of the raw materials supply and production processes must be aimed at ensuring health security of products,
- the optimal use of available raw materials should lead to the development and maintenance of a production technology ensuring top quality and repeatability of final product features,
- periodic training in GMP, GHP, BHP, HACCP and elements of other quality assurance systems should be aimed at shaping the employees' hygienic awareness and their feeling of responsibility for the tasks entrusted to them, and should instil in them the habit of self-discipline, being the first stage of the Quality Assurance System in force in our Company.

The Company's Quality Assurance System is based on HACCP procedures, which were first implemented in the Company in 2004. The system is continuously being improved and expanded - the HACCP Certificate, which we obtained in 2012, lends credence to this claim.

In 2010 we obtained a Kosher Certificate for the potato starch produced by our Company, which is renewed on a regular basis.

In the mid 2013 the implementation of works over Integrated system of quality Management was completed on the basis of ISO 9001:2008 procedure as confirmed by the certification of the system and award of the relevant Certificate.

In 2017, the company was certified GMP + B2, which was registered under number 820917453. 

Currently, work is underway on the development of the next element of the Integrated Quality Management System based on ISO 22000:2006 norm.

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  • Quality Policy
  • The Company has implemented food production procedures which are consistent with the HACCP requirements.
    We have also obtained the GMP+B2 certificate.
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  • Investments
  • PPZ SA in Niechlów is continuously upgrading its machines and is looking for new technological solutions.More ...