Business Profile

The Company's core business includes:

  • contracting and purchase of industrial potatoes,
  • production of potato starch and potato protein,
  • production of modified starches,
  • exports of the foregoing products and their sale on the internal market.

We have operated on the Polish market for over 70 years. We are well-known both on the European (Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium) and the global market, on which we attract new clients and cooperate with our European partners.

Our products reach many countries in South America, Central and South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We also have active, direct partners on the Eastern European market, which is one of the key recipients of our exports.

Our Company is registered in the register of operators subject to sanitary and veterinary supervision. We received the approval of the State District Sanitary Inspector in Góra to produce and sell potato starch and modified starches.

We were assigned the following veterinary approval number by the District Veterinary Officer supervising the production and sale of potato protein: PL0204017p.

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  • Quality Policy
  • The Company has implemented food production procedures which are consistent with the HACCP requirements.
    We have also obtained the GMP+B2 certificate.
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  • Investments
  • PPZ SA in Niechlów is continuously upgrading its machines and is looking for new technological solutions.More ...